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Our Solutions & Services are characterized by a permanent training of the whole organization, in order to be able to offer today solutions that are framed in technologies that are at the forefront, present in all organizations, in all sectors,  Financial, Tourism, Government, Smart Cities, Open Data processes and Citizen Participation. among others, with techniques that guarantee that content and services provided by our solutions are under the principles of publicity, responsibility, quality, security, availability, accessibility, neutrality and interoperability.

Artificial Intelligence & RPA

Artificial intelligence and process automation (RPA) projects implementation to increase the productivity of the entities with the systematization of operational tasks.

Augmented Reality

Design and implementation of augmented reality projects to improve access to information through mobile devices and remote access.

Big Data & Analytics

Project implementation of high volume data processing, analysis and visualization of information through dashboards and indicators.

Citizen Services

Deployment of E-Office concepts for the management of information on procedures and citizen-oriented services.


Development of georeferencing projects for the registration and consultation of geographic information through viewers and mobile applications.


Fintech is one of the sectors with the greatest opportunity for growth and disruption at SoftManagement.

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