Software Services SoftManagement February 6, 2020

Technical excellence, a commitment to the highest safety standards

SoftManagement offers a wide range of IT solutions that ensure the operational continuity, transactionality, connectivity and processing of the technological platforms that support our clients' operational processes.
01. Software Factory
Work method that is based on the needs of our clients, related to the development of requirements or software components on demand during a determined period of time.
Methodologies and Technologies
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Jenkins
  • Sonar
  • Subversion
  • Git Lab
  • PMI
  • Attribute-Driven Design (ADD)
02. Global Projects
Customized solutions designed according to the specific needs of each client, using the best practices recognized in the software industry.
03. Maintenance and Support
We provide solutions to the requirements that come up in relation to the growth of existing systems, understanding the objective of each system and the importance of maintaining its permanent operability within the organization.
04. Test Factory

By incorporating the best methodological practices currently used by the software development industry, our service allows validating whether or not the observed behavior of a technological solution (module, component, program, requirement, adjustment, report, etc.) complies with the functional specification and with the non-functional requirements established by the client.

05. Consultancy

Consulting project implementation oriented to the construction of Digital Transformation Strategic Plans or Technology Strategic Plans.

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