Realidad Aumentada SoftManagement November 6, 2022
Augmented Reality

Design and implementation of augmented reality projects to improve access to information through mobile devices and remote access.

Consulta de proyectos de obras publicas desarrollados en una ciudad a través de paneles de realidad aumentada
Projects design to promote the tourism sector:
- Gastronomic tours
- Cultural tours
- Discover the city ( Attractions)
Design and development of remote support applications to serve users through augmented reality mechanisms.


Our Augmented Reality Solution

"Augmented Reality for preventive and predictive maintenance of your equipment."

According to the OIT, one out of every five occupational accidents is caused by interaction with machinery, and is largely due to the failure to follow proper instructions and procedures to minimize risk in its use or to carry out preventive maintenance procedures in an appropriate manner.

INDUTRACK 4.0 was created to help reduce this problem. Augmented Reality, IOT and Data Analytics allows to enrich the experience of the maintenance area of a production plant, through 3 key components: Maintenance, Virtual Training and Workplace Safety.

  • Maintenance via augmented reality, geographic components and the configuration of a factory's machines, users will be able to locate themselves and learn relevant information about their operation and maintenance. The real-time operation component allows connection with a remote operator.
  • EVirtual Training through interactive tours with information at hand on induction and follow-up topics.
  • Include videos showing how to operate the machine, maintenance or training tutorials, and disseminate information related to industrial safety.
  • Industrial Safety, due to its integration mechanisms, Indutrack can be natively integrated with any measurement sensor that delivers real-time information through web services.
  • Mobile App
  • Integrated Documentary Management
  • Video Tutorials
  • Integration to critical machinery sensors for the plant
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Augmented Reality in training and remote maintenance processes

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