“Desarrollamos soluciones tecnológicas por un mundo innovador” SoftManagement February 6, 2020
What makes us the best?

Motivation combined with innovation and understanding of our customers' needs, makes our company a special place where we work with passion and a high level of professionalism and quality, this formidable combination makes us the best alternative for our stakeholders.

Because in SoftManagement we work this way, with passioncreating the necessary synergy to achieve the fulfillment of challenges and goals with the complicity of an entire team committed to the same objective.  "Delivering our customers value solutions."

Highly experienced staff

The experience of our professionals, their skills, their professional training and their performance over 25 years in the development of multiple projects support the quality of our work.

Always in pursuit of excellence

Our organization maintains quality management systems that guarantee and ensure compliance in the provision of our Services and Solutions, covering companies with efficiency and productivity.

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Open to new ideas and projects

As an IT company, we go hand in hand with innovation, new practices, the constant change of technology, always seeking to put all this at the service of our customers.


Certifications of our Professionals


Years of Experience

Building Digital Future
Our Company

SoftManagement is a company known for being at every moment of the projects next to our customers, and we take the accompaniment as a philosophy that characterizes us, because our Software and our Solutions & Services are so important to them, we never leave our customers halfway, no matter how complicated the project is, we are always in front and for that we have the highest standards of quality, which allow us to make the projects carried out by us, become successfulproductive and high level of satisfaction.

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Our Mission

At SoftManagement we do not only develop software, we do consulting in information technology and generate solutions with an innovative team, committed to strengthening our customers and the balance of our environment.

Our Vision

"In 2025, SoftManagement will continue to be a leading company in Colombia and will be recognized in Latin America as a software developer, solution generator, IT consultant, innovative and reliable, considered by its clients as a strategic ally for the fulfillment of its mission".

Our Policies

We are permanently guided and maintain in practice the policies of:
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Security & Confidentiality of Information
- Quality Management
- Intellectual Property & Copyright
- Corporate Governance
- Training, Self Management & Knowledge
- Environment, Occupational Safety & Health

En más de 25 años we have collaborated with businesses, institutions and companies to develop projects that benefit the communities. That is why our Success Cases are oriented to the generation of Shared Value.
Safety and Environment

We work every day through the implementation of our management programs, through which we carry out actions aimed at preventing injuries and illnesses. Thanks to this management and the promotion of a culture of self-care, we have a healthy work team committed to occupational health and safety.


We have dedicated a great effort to the implementation of the Information Security Management System, under the International Technical Standard ISO 27001:2013. We managed to translate the requirements of the model into tangible and useful practices that are now implemented transversally throughout the organization and provide our customers with the guarantee of integrity, confidentiality and availability of information.


We implemented initiatives aimed at mitigating the environmental impact we generate in order to achieve our objectives. It has been a process in which all of our employees have participated, have become involved and, at the same time, have taken a positive message with a change of culture to their homes.

¿Quieres trabajar con Nosotros?

In SoftManagement creemos que nuestro equipo de trabajo es la pieza clave para el éxito de nuestra organización, por ello buscamos fomentar un ambiente de motivación, productividad y reconocimiento en donde puedan desarrollar al máximo sus aptitudes y capacidades.

Si quieres hacer parte de nuestro equipo déjanos tus datos y sube tu hoja de vida, el sistema guardará toda tu información y nosotros nos encargaremos de revisar tu perfil de acuerdo con las vacantes que puedan abrirse en la Compañía. 

• SoftManagement S.A. no cobra dinero por la realización de los procesos de Reclutamiento y Selección, y sólo hace sus procesos a través de la oficina de Recursos Humanos de la Compañía.
• La recepción de la hoja de vida no representa un compromiso, oferta o relación de trabajo con SoftManagement.

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