Artificial Intelligence and RPA SoftManagement November 6, 2022
Artificial Intelligence and RPA

AI and Process Automation (RPA) projects implementation to increase the productivity of the entities with the systematization of operational tasks that can be performed by a technological component.

Análisis automatizado de leyes para extracción de metadatos y análisis de relaciones de vigencias (Derogaciones, modificaciones, actualizaciones)
Análisis automatizado de tutelas y derechos de petición para clasificación y respuesta automatizada bajo mecanismo supervisado
Clasificación automática de numerales cambiarios a partir de las características de una operación de comercio exterior
Recomendaciones en la selección automática de abogados en procesos judiciales
Automatización de procesos de consulta a la información publica de personas y vehículos
Automatización de la consulta del estado de afiliación de una persona al sistema de seguridad social


Our AI & RPA Solutions -

Early fraud prevention through detection of anomalies in the transactions coming into your business is possible!

A solution that allows through machine learning and data analytics assign a risk rating associated with a claim; by means of customized variables and business rules adapted to the decision model of each company, companies in the insurance sector, ARLs, drug dispensers and medical account auditing firms have optimized their processes for early and timely detection of fraud based on the finding of atypical patterns in their claims.

  • Alternative Score Service that allows us to process thousands of transactions and obtain a risk rating through variables specific to the business and queries to publicly available databases, under a 360º panorama we can analyze the behavior of the object of analysis, the profile of who is requesting the transaction and the profile of who is collecting the transaction.
  • Real-Time queries that take seconds to be processed, analyzed and deliver results with a high degree of assertiveness
  • Web dashboard The end user will be able to navigate through a large number of filters and know, through statistics and graphs, the trends of their own business cases. With this module, the company will have an overview of the behavior of its transactions.
  • Alert Module presents the cases that represent the highest risk. Likewise, for each of the cases alerted, the variables that most influenced their atypicality rating are shown, thus providing summarized and precise information that may be useful for the user's decision making process.
  • Initial consultancy- we help you to select the essential variables to start the scoring model that fits your business
  • Data quality in case of using historical information to feed the algorithm we help you to perform the relevant data quality processes.
  • Permanent Support Team we have a functional and technical team ready to solve your issues, incidents and provide you with the support you need.
  • SAAS Model  no need to worry about infrastructure, qualified technical staff or upgrades, we take care of everything!
  • Flexible Business Model We have different plans that suit the volume of each customer's transactionsregardless of the size of the company, you pay for the number of effective inquiries you make!
  • Information Security - We are certified under ISO 27001, guaranteeing our commitment to the safe and responsible handling of information and its security and confidentiality at any stage of the process.
Alternative Score to increase productivity in your business

A solution designed to generate a score based on the automatic and real-time risk validation of a person's background and vehicle fleet, which transversally allows obtaining a multidimensional analysis of variables consulted in public databases, historical information of the company and industry databases, so that companies can thus segment their customers, suppliers or collaborators and generate marketing strategies, loyalty and commissions based on the information.

▸ Web dashboard

▸One-click queries

▸Score adjusted to company needs.

▸ Query different databases.

  • Flexible, transactional business model
  • Validation process effectiveness
  • Ongoing support and updating
  • Key Process Automation
Soft Legal
Artificial Intelligence to detect regulations, laws and rulings that affect your business!

Softlegal is a real innovative solution that integrates the information of the laws generated in a country and makes the citizen consultation easier, using robots from artificial intelligence and latest information technologies.

Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence component, SoftLegal is capable of analyzing hundreds of laws that are consolidated in the official Gazettes or Gazettes of a country to automatically classify and relate this information, without the need for any effort from the entity or company.

  • Issuer: Sets forth the entity that generated the law
  • Topics and Subtopics: It classifies in 2 levels the topics specific to the law
  • Effective Date: Identifies the date of publication and effective date of the law.
  • Sector: Identifies the enforcement sector
  • Themes and Subjects: Classifies the topics associated with the law into levels.
  • Relations: identifies the effects of the law on other laws
  • Generate lists of regulations and laws that regulate your company. Includes sentences, antecedents, concepts and updated concordances.
  • Legal Tablet that allows you to save rules, create notifications and perform offline queries
  • Legal Tree which allows you to display graphically and dynamically the results of the advanced search of standards
  • Detailed inquiry and by filters for rules according to background, jurisprudence and relationships.

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