Digital Citizen Services SoftManagement November 6, 2022
Digital Citizen Services

The competitive environment is changing, growth rate competition and the increase in the level of demand por parte de los clientes, son Elementos que hacen necesario analizar nuevas formas de prestar los servicios, agilizar los procesos y lograr mayor satisfacción en los clientes; la digitalization is essential to meet these challenges and to achieve a differentiation over the competition.

Implementación de portales web bajo los lineamientos establecidos en la guía de diseño de la resolución 2893 de 2020
Automatización de trámites y servicios a través de motor BPM e integración a gestión documental
Seguimiento estratégico a proyectos de inversión publica a través de metodología de cadena de valor
Integration to the citizen folder service provided by the National Digital Agency as part of the procedures and services offered by a Public Entity.
Implementation of the Interoperability layer in accordance with the XROAD platform defined by the MINTIC for the exchange of information between public entities.
Integration to the electronic authentication service provided by the National Digital Agency, for the validation of a person's identity.


Our Citizen Service Solutions
Solution that allows companies to implement their procedures and services electronically in a secure environment.

SoftManagement presents SOFT- ELECTRONIC OFFICEE-Office service leverages electronic procedures, services and formalities that facilitate the interaction of people with their entity through the implementation of procedures, electronic means of payment and ensuring a secure environment.

▸Web Portal Tool that allows the management and publication of content of the electronic headquarters.

BPM tool that allows the design and implementation of workflows associated with the services or procedures of the entity.

Document Management: Tool that allows storing documents based on the best practices and guidelines of the requirements model for document management - MoReq.

Electronic authentication: integration of authentication services for different users and citizens.

Payment Gateway: Integrates services that allow the payment of different services and procedures through various means of payment.

Citizen Folder: Integrates services that allow interacting with the sending or receiving of documents for the different procedures or services of the entity.

  • Immediate access to documents anywhere and from any device
  • Assurance of your organization's knowledge.
  • Cost optimization.
  • System scalability according to the size and vision of your company.
  • Agile responses to a dynamic environment.
  • Ensuring the organization's KNOW-HOW
Project Bank - Formulate, make viable and centralize the execution of your organization's strategic projects.

SOFTPLANNING, is a tool that has been implemented as the best mechanism for recording and monitoring all estrategical projects of the organization.  The main objective of the solution is that all the actors involved in the investment cycle of the projects, identify and adequately structure their value chain through the stages of formulation, feasibility and execution.

  • Dashboard for monitoring the management indicators associated with the project.
  • Document repository
  • Objectives, goals and budget established for the fulfillment of the projects with assignment to responsible persons
  • Centralized analysis with action plans assigned to their responsible parties
  • Consolidate consistent and comparable information on all projects underway.
  • Parameterization
  • Improve the evidence-based resource investment decision-making process.
  • Align the company's investment initiatives with its strategic plan.
  • Implement the entity's strategic plan in investment programs and projects.
  • Get information on the investment of projects and programs at the outcome and output level.
  • Focus investment on results by associating standardized products to the project's value chain.
  • SAAS Model
Transparency Portal
Web solution designed for the publication of investment projects.

Transparency Portal is a web solution designed for the publication of investment projects that will allow entities to publicize their management of different projects through an interactive map and a monitoring dashboard, which is a fundamental tool to demonstrate the social responsibility of an entity and the transparency of its management in relation to its environment.

Through the concept of the Geographic Project Viewer, it seeks to become a meeting channel where the target public, institutions and stakeholders can share opinions about the investment needs for each of the projects and strengthen the channels of participation.

  • General Data: Check the information related to the project description, execution and classification.
  • Budget: Allows consultation of the approved budget and the executed budget.
  • Objectives: Displays the objectives and goals established for the fulfillment of the projects.
  • Beneficiaries: Allows the identification of the population that will benefit from the execution of the project.
  • Metrics: Displays the management metrics associated with the project in a dynamic and centralized dashboard.
  • Participation forums: Allows citizen interaction and control through comments on projects.
  • Centralized and georeferenced information
  • Participation Forums
  • Aligned with current regulatory compliance for governmental portals

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